Monday, January 19, 2015

An Ode to Single Mothers Everywhere

Dear Single Mothers,

My husband recently went on a trip to India. It came at an interesting time. My six month old was just starting antibiotics (for the second time and this time, on Augmentin. Ever seen a baby's poop on Augmentin? Don't even get me started) for a wicked double ear infection. It was the first time she was really, truly sick; she had a high fever, lots of greenery coming out of her nose, was unable to eat without taking breaks because of the congestion and certainly was not sleeping through the night. Thankfully, I'm a professor so I was on winter break, but still...

I have to give serious kudos to single mothers everywhere. It was difficult even to do this temporarily with one kid, a baby. I can't even imagine doing it constantly with more than one child, older children and babies at the same time, etc.  My mother had three children under the age of 10 when my father died and I have never respected her as much as I do right now, an hour before I leave to pick my husband up from the airport.

Ladies, you are awesome. I realize you probably have to pull some magic strings to shower, to put make up on before you leave the house.  Keeping the house clean, sticking to routine, walking the dog - it's all on you.  So, as I sit next to a napping baby who is finally feeling better, I absolutely salute you.  Your house may be a mess at times, you may have to wear your child in the freezing cold while you walk the dog, you may not remember what an adult movie looks like, you may forget to eat.  But you take care of your children.  Rock on, mamas.

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